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  • Syria Stands, With or Without Iran

    July 16, 2018

    by Firas Aziz Deeb - Al-Watan (pro-government newspaper)

    Ali Akbar Velayati is not right to say that, if not for Iran, Syria would have fallen writes Al-Watan
  • What’s Behind the Idea of the Syrian Regime’s Victory?

    July 13, 2018

    by Fayez Sara - Asharq al-Awsat (London-based, pan-Arab daily)

    The cries of a Syrian victory have grown louder after the capture of southern Syria writes Asharq al-Awsat
  • Is This Better Late Than Never for Syria?

    July 12, 2018

    by Sawsan Jamil Hassan - Al-Araby Al-Jadeed (London-based, Pan-Arab newspaper)

    A document that was prepared by Syrian intellectual and political figures could hold the key to Syria's future writes Al-Araby Al-Jadeed
  • The Syrian ‘Deal of the Century’

    July 12, 2018

    by Abdulrahman Al-Rashed - Asharq al-Awsat (London-based, pan-Arab daily)

    All eyes are on Helsinki and the upcoming summit between Trump and Putin writes Asharq al-Awsat
  • The Daraa Bargain

    July 9, 2018

    by Bashir al-Bakr - Al-Araby al-Jadeed (London-based pan-Arab newspaper)

    Daraa is facing the same fate as Aleppo and Ghouta writes Al-Araby al-Jadeed
  • Rami Makhlouf’s Prophesy

    July 6, 2018

    by Hazem Al-Amin - Al-Hayat (Pan-Arab, London-based newspaper)

    The agreement made between the interested parties, has ensured that no-one is losing out during the government's assault on Darra, apart from the opposition factions writes Al-Hayat
  • Local Elections May Bring the Enemies Together

    July 4, 2018

    by Samer Ali Dahi - Al-Watan (pro-government newspaper)

    Once the Syrian army has recaptured Daraa, the election of local administrators could quickly follow writes Al-Watan
  • When Bashar Al-Assad Exposes President Trump and Friends of Syria

    June 29, 2018

    by Wael Sawah - Geroun (Opposition website)

    As the assault on Daraa by regime forces steps up, the Americans continue to sit back, leaving the opposition to their fate writes Geroun
  • The Kurds Are Changing Their Alliances

    June 27, 2018

    by Abdel Moneim Ali Issa - Al-Watan (pro-government newspaper)

    With the Manbij agreement and the possible withdrawal of the Americans, the Kurds start to look at a possible alliance with the Syrian government writes Al-Watan
  • The Return of IDPs Is Complementary to Syria's Victory

    June 26, 2018

    by Rifat al-Badawi – by Al-Watan (pro-government newspaper)

    While military victories on the ground are part of the struggle, the real victory will be the return of refugees and a unified Syrian society writes Al-Watan
  • The Constitution Debate: Damascus, Open City

    June 22, 2018

    by Eyad al-Jaafari - Al-Modon (Lebanese news website)

    Interested parties from all sides are meeting in Geneva to discuss a new Syrian constitution, which the Russians hope will work in their favour writes Al-Modon
  • Problems of the Constitutional Committee in Geneva

    June 20, 2018

    by Nader al-Omari - Al-Watan (pro-government newspaper)

    It is looking hopeful that progress will be made in Geneva, but the obstacles in the way are many and varied writes Al-Watan
  • The Dreams of Syrian Kurds Evaporate… as Usual

    June 12, 2018

    by Wael Sawah — Al-Araby al-Jadeed (London-based pan-Arab newspaper)

    Syrian Kurds are facing uncertainty with the possible withdrawal of US forces and the new “roadmap” deal for the city of Manbij writes Wael Sawah
  • The Condition of Iran’s Withdrawal for Assad to Stay

    June 7, 2018

    by Abdulrahman Al-Rashed – Asharq al-Awsat

    The Iranians will not be taking part in the upcoming assault on Daraa writes Asharq al-Awsat
  • Comment - Russia and the US Occupation

    May 31, 2018

    by Maysoun Youssef - Al Watan (Pro-government newspaper)

    The US occupation of Syria is illegal and a threat to Syrian sovereignty writes Al Watan
  • Has the Zionist Entity Neared Its End in Its 70th Year?

    May 17, 2018

    by Youssef Jad al-Haqq - Al-Watan

    The 70th year of the Zionist entity could mark the final days of its existence writes Al Watan
  • Comment: Could the Iran Deal's Collapse Be Good News for Syrians?

    May 16, 2018

    by Sam hamad – The New Arab (London-based pan-Arab Newspaper)

    What's bad for the Iranians could be good for the Syrians write The New Arab
  • Opinion: Will There Be a War With Israel?

    May 9, 2018

    by Mohamed Nadir al-Omari in Al-Watan (pro-government newspaper)

    Mohamed Nadir al-Omari explores the increasingly bellicose rhetoric coming out of Israel
  • Opinion: From Douma to The Hague

    April 26, 2018

    by Maysoun Youssef in Al-Watan (pro-government newspaper)

    In loyalist Al-Watan, Maysoun Youssef argues that Western nations should listen to the testimony of Syrian child Hassan Diab
  • Opinion: Airstrikes to Curb Russia

    April 16, 2018

    by Ammar Dioub in Al-Araby al-Jadeed (London-based, pan-Arab newspaper)

    The Western strikes on Syria have shown Russia, Iran and the regime there is no true victory ahead of them, Ammar Dioub writes


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