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200 Female Prisoners Languish in Adra Prison

Jun 3rd, 2013 by Zaman al-Wasl (Opposition Website)

Activists says the women held in the political branch of the Damascus prison are suffering inhumane treatment

A Syrian human rights organization documenting the deaths, detentions and human rights violations of Syrian opposition figures has expressed “extreme concern” over the condition of some 300 female detainees being held in the Adra prison in Damascus.

Syrian Association for Human Rights said it has received information that the women, held in the political branch of the Damascus prison, are suffering inhumane treatment, in extreme conditions that lacked even the basic international human rights standards for the treatment of prisoners, as stipulated by the United Nations.

In a statement, based on testimonies from Syrian female activists, the Association said there are now "200 [female] prisoners held in the political department of Damascus central prison (Adra), controlled by political security and supervised by security forces who are operating outside the prison’s command.”

It said most of the women are suffering from skin and respiratory illnesses due to the lack of basic medical care and negligence, and that some of the women needed medical treatment for complications as a result of torture during the interrogation stage of their incarceration.

The statement also said that cells used for detention lack the minimum standards for hygiene and cleanliness, leading to the spread of epidemics. Prison supervisors, it added, do not allow any medication to enter the prison. It also said malnutrition was prevalent as only one meal is being delivered to the prisoners daily, and that in most cases, the meal was small and contaminated.

According to the statement, Syrian prison security restrict visiting rights right and access to legal assistance, with many of the prisoners being referred to the Terrorism Court or other intelligence branches. Prisoner authorities are exacting punishment by holding female detainees under extreme conditions and totally ignoring their needs and rights.



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