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Regime Attacks Destroy Idleb's National Hospital

Apr 2nd, 2015 by All4syria
 (Independent website)

Rebels are still questioning why regime air raids targeted the hospital while other important facilities were left untouched

Activists have posted a video on social media sites depicting dozens of regime fighters’ bodies killed during the battle to liberate Idleb city. Factions of the "Army of Conquest" discovered the bodies in the National Hospital in the city of Idleb after intense raids were carried out by the regime’s air force.

The tape shows more than two dozen bodies belonging to regime fighters in military attire, some charred and mutilated, all killed in the battle to liberate Idleb city earlier in March. Rebel brigades collected and relocated the bodies to the morgue of the National Hospital which was targeted with intense aerial bombardment, forcing the rebels to move the bodies outside.

Activists stressed that rebel military observatories managed to listen to wireless correspondence among regime troops, where pro-regime military leaders ordered pilots to destroy the hospital. It is still unknown why the air raids targeted the hospital while other important facilities were left unharmed.

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